Set after the tv-movie with Paul McGann as the Eight Doctor. A Maltese fanfic/crossover/literary fiction/story…

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Star Trek: Captain Worf tv series rumour

A rumour has been going around that the next Star Trek tv series will be Captain Worf. This idea has been going around for a couple of years, however Michael...

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Classic Enemy returns in Doctor Who Season 8 Trailer

There is a big hint or reveal in the latest Doctor Who Season 8 Trailer..   This is the newly released trailer. Watch it! “I see into your soul,...

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Professor X’s X-Cats!

  A lovely Cat video, X-Men in cat version, brought to you by Kaipotainment (run by Homo sapiens who brought you Wolverine Cat and Cyclops Cat sagas),...

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The Blue Police Box is owned by the BBC

As some of you may know, the first police call boxes which look like the Doctor’s TARDIS were initially placed in Scotland in the year 1929. Doctor...

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FANFIC: First Voyage

“Is this a starship again? Which race built this thing? The Vulcans?” “Amy, Amy! This is the first Starship Enterprise! It was a human...

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FANFIC: Doctor Who and The X-Men II The Sequel

Doctor Who and The X-Men II The Sequel by Mr Scirev FANFIC STORY NOTES The first Doctor Who - X-Men crossover was written by yours truly for the Scrolls...

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New “Tease” Doctor Who Season 8 Trailer by the BBC Really Teases

      The latest new Doctor Who Season 8 trailer simply has the new Twelfth Doctor played by Peter Capaldi – just in silhouette.....

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Doctor Who and the X-Men: The Director’s Cut fanfic – Post Scriptum

Back to part 10 POST SCRIPTUM Meanwhile the Doctor looked at the spatial directional stabiliser which was indicating an unusual influx of fractal chronitons....

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Peter Capaldi in Drunk In time

I happened to come across this gem of Peter Capaldi (the new Doctor Who), playing the part of one of two drunk time travellers, in a parody of “The...

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